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St. David’s Day

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A selection of yellows from my photos

It was wonderful watching all the yellow in blogs during “Yellow Week“, last week. I have been collecting sightings of yellow for a while now too, as my next collection will feature it. In fact, the colour scheme will be that of a Battenberg cake. Anyway, today was St. David’s Day. St David is the patron saint of Wales, and because the daffodil is one of the national symbols of Wales (along with the leek!) many people wear daffodil pins on their lapels. Any excuse to wear a daffodil is fine by me!

Forsythia, witch hazel, daffodils, the centre of creme eggs… all little yellow auguries of spring… :)

1st March, 2009  // 5 O'Clock // tags: , , .

One Comment

  1. cmv says:

    i love this photo collage! it’s such a nice, cheery thing to happen upon in the midst of an impending winter storm over here!

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