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Dovetail Shawl

Dovetail ShawlHere is the latest Laylock design, taking a well-earned rest on the lawn. I wanted to design a versatile everyday shawl with DK-weight yarn, because those are the shawls I use most. Lace shawls are very pretty and enjoyable to knit, but when the chilly breezes blow (as they frequently do in Britain, winter or summer), this is the shawl I’d want around my shoulders. I loved knitting it because the garter stitch is so quick and simple that you can knit while you read and finish it in a weekend! The way the lace edging fits together reminds me of a dovetail joint, and of course I had to knit it in ‘dove grey’. The pattern will be available soon, though if you’re interested in being a test knitter, email me and you could get it sooner. Thanks, test knitters, I’ll be in touch very soon! I think the shawl would also look lovely with a wider border, or with a border of a different colour. Perhaps even striped garter stitch with a plain coloured border. Seeing as the heat wave in the UK is forecast to end tomorrow, I think I’ll be needing my Dovetail Shawl very soon.

Dovetail Shawl

Dovetail Shawl

Dovetail Shawl

Dovetail Shawl

I’ve said goodbye to Wales for a few months. On my last day I had the perfect pleasure of the first ripe strawberry of the year, and a glass (or two) of rosé. Mmm…

First Blush Only a couple of days later! Perfect.

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  1. LittleWit says:

    The shawl looks lovely and those strawberries so delicious. If you’re still looking for test knitters I could help. :)

  2. I agree with LittleWit, the shawl does look great. I am very tempted to volunteer to test knit, but know that as much as I want to, I am up to my eyes in knitting at the moment. I shall force myself to wait until I have cleared needles and the pattern is released for general consumption.

  3. its gorgeous, and i love the color!! i am also interested in test knitting, but i am somewhat of a beginner so i am a bit slow- but i love knitting. i guess i will email you and see what happens! :)

  4. taphophile says:

    The shawl, and the strawberries, a things of beauty indeed.

    I’m seeing the shawl in a dk weight mohair – soft and lofty and light.

  5. ulli says:

    what a perfect shawl! i would gladly be a test knitter for it if you are looking for another one.

  6. hi there, i ADORE AND LOVE this shawl soooo very much and hope to someday obtain a pattern for it? not sure what your plans are for it…
    anyhow, i’d very much also like to know what yarn you have used for it, i love the shade but the texture and softness really does the shawl justice in my opinion too.

    look forward to hearing from you. keep well. kind regards, rhona liddle. north hertfordshire (about 30miles north london and 20miles south cambridge) u.k. xx

  7. Jodi says:

    Lovely shawl! I hope you release the pattern soon — I’d love to knit one up just in time for autumn.

  8. Sally says:

    Is the Dovetail Shawl a pattern for purchase? I really like it and it looks very simple!

    Thank you for info,

  9. Becca says:

    This pattern looks lovely and simple–and warm! I noticed that this post is two years old. Were you planning to make it available to the public? (I am a new knitter who could use a shawl for a period play, so I am looking for a fairly simple pattern).

    I find myself slightly confused by your “shawl border tutorial.” If I were patterning a shawl and trying to do the border at the same time, would I just do the pattern as I’d find it in a lace book in regard to the increases and decreases?

    Thanks for your help.


  10. Judy says:


    I love the Dovetail Shawl and was wondering if I could possibly test knit for you. I have several other test knit shawls and this one I really like a lot. Thanks.

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