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The Little eBook of Knitting Stitches

Don’t you love looking through books of stitch patterns for knitting inspiration? I often keep a few next to my bedside and flick through them before I fall asleep. Stitch patterns are a brilliant opportunity to practice, learn new techniques, and begin to solve the mystery of how stitches create different fabrics. They’re often a good starting point for designs too, especially if you don’t yet have the time or expertise to discover your own.

I’ve selected six stitch patterns to highlight knitted texture, lace, and ribbing, and because I wanted to make this booklet extra useful, each of the stitches is photographed on the right side and the wrong side (I haven’t seen this done before, but I wish more publications would adopt the practice), and I offer additional tips and advice to help you on your way.

Whether you’re a beginner or a bored expert, I think you’ll enjoy The Little eBook of Knitting Stitches. I’m offering it as a free gift to subscribers of the Laylock mailing list. I will send you occasional emails with knitting tips, but if you’d really rather not subscribe, write me an email & I’ll send you the PDF file anyway. Just because. :)

The eBook contains:

  • 6 stitch patterns
    • 2 texture
    • 2 lace
    • 2 rib stitches
  • photographed on both right & wrong sides
  • laid out with clear instructions & advice on usage.

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  1. AnnieBee says:

    Beautifully done!

    I love your idea of photographing both the right AND wrong sides — sheer genius, that is. Some of the stitches look as good on the WS as on the RS!

    Your layout is lovely, too.

  2. luvzwool says:

    Thank you! What a wonderful little ebook! You are so clever and so generous which makes you rich beyond measure.

    Thanks again for brightening my day – as always!


  3. Love the ebook–it’s going to be so versatile and helpful. Thanks!

  4. Karen says:

    What a faboluos idea! Looking forward to seeing it myself, but I just know, it will be wonderful ;)

  5. LittleWit says:

    I think it’s marvelous idea! Thanks :)

  6. Silvi says:

    Thank you!!! it’s a so pretty… like all the thigs you do:))
    really lovely

  7. Susan says:

    Your blog is delightful! Thanks for offering The Little eBook of Knitting Stitches.

  8. carol totilo says:

    Thank you for being so generous….

  9. Sharon says:

    Wow, such a great idea. You are ingeneous and thoughtful of your readers!

  10. Judy Sykes says:

    I have been knitting helmet liners for our soldiers in Afganistan and 10 inch squares to make lap robes for our service personnel in VA hospitals. I’m always looking for new and different stitches (that aren’t too complex yet will hold my interest until the square is finished). Knitting gives me a sense of accomplishment and perhaps helps those guys and gals know that someone from home is thinking of them.

  11. Judy Sykes says:

    I left a comment (see above) but have not received the “Little eBook of stitches”. book. I’ve copied dozens of patterns from the ‘net but can always use more. Thanks

  12. Margo says:

    I love that idea, would love to know how

  13. Derya says:

    Judy & Margo – You should receive the link to download when you subscribe. If there’s a problem, email me to let me know. :)

  14. Cara-Mia says:

    Hello! Just happened upon your website/blog & love it. I am new to knitting & would love this PDF. :)

  15. LyB says:

    Thank you! The ebook is beautifully done and will certainly come in very handy!

  16. MaryjoO says:

    the idea is lovely — we always need to be reminded about stitches, and the photos … well, just glorious to look at! thanks!

  17. Sarah says:

    Just discovered your blog today … what a gem of a find! I am a fairly new knitter and would love to learn some elegant stitches. Thank you for your inspiration and generosity!

  18. Linda says:

    Fabulous!I have signed up.:)

  19. Ann says:

    Love the site, I’m excited about the ebook.

    Just as an aside. I’m American, but my Mom is British. She was born in Shifnal, also in Shropshire and I think that Shrewsbury is one of my favorite places on Earth.

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  21. Judith Aslin says:

    Sorry, but I can’t see which link you are referring to in the e-mail you just sent me. Have tried those I can see, but still can’t get my registration finished. Judy

  22. Rosangela says:

    Thanks! The e-Book is lovely!

  23. Margaret says:

    Thank you very much! I’m new to knitting and really appreciate this goodie of an e-book! I love your designs and am anxious to become more proficient so I can feel confident enough to try one. :)

    • laylock says:

      I’m delighted you liked it! Start small, aim big! Once you get the basic stitches down, the rest is just concentration. :)

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  25. Maggie says:

    Thank you very much Derya! will be very handy – so clear and prettily put together. I look forward to trying out some of the stitches.

    Love your website too. Best wishes!

  26. Robin Myers says:

    Robin from USA

  27. Beth says:

    The ebook looks great, I already want to use some of the stitches in projects, but will sample them first, which usually inspires ideas of other projects. Love your blog. Keep up the good work, Im looking forward to reading more.

  28. Eunice Rosa Martins says:

    amei seu blog
    tudo lindo e delicado
    Eunice Rosa

  29. Julia says:

    Thank you for the ebook and the lace blocking shawls tips!I am currently knitting mittens for a few girls that come through my crossing, I am a school crossing guard. Knitting is so much fun when you learn new methods of knitting .

  30. Michelle says:

    Thank you

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  32. Maria says:

    May I please have a copy of this e-book…I hope you also have a tutorial video about this book. Today I have just learned how to make a triangular knitted shawl…been wanting to knit one but the patterns where so complicated. I a making one at the moment based on your YT easiest shawl pattern.

    Thank you very much.

  33. Charlene says:

    Yes, please send me the link to allow downloading of the Little Book of Knit Stitches. It looks awesome!

    Ahhh, each of your knitting patterns are absolutely wonderful too. The house Pullover is too cute for anything! I plan to order the hat pattern first as I enjoy knitting chemo hats for donation.

    Will you be authoring a knitting book soon?

  34. Karen Tsutsumida says:

    I’d love to receive you newsletter and enjoy your blog tremendously! Thanks, Karen

  35. Marian says:

    Please send me your wonderful e-book, looks interesting on Pinterest. Thanks.

  36. Kay Barickman says:

    Thanks so much for the vest pattern. I like the simplicity and versatility of it. Please send your e-book of stitches to me. I’d appreciate that very much.

    Best wishes on your developing web-page.


  37. Ati says:

    Please send me the link for this ebook. It’s so beautiful and I do love lace. Thank you

  38. Jan LLoyd says:

    Love your blog and web site thanks for the freebee
    Looking fwd to trying out some new patterns.
    Will attempt my first shawl after seeing your
    easy shawl pattern thanks again.

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