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Ah, December. Post-autumn, pre-Christmas, prime Knitting Season. It comes after the shooting season, before the London season, and is by far the cosiest and the most fun. I’m exceedingly pleased with my WoollyWormhead Mystery Hat, now christened ‘Everglade’. The gales in Wales almost claimed it, but I ran after it into the wet black night and deftly snatched it back. I’ve lost too many hats on walks, dear knitters. First my pink & black Pirates hat, which I dropped on the beach at Ynyslas, then a navy blue Felicity which I lost on a woodland walk. The latter was particularly annoying, as it went so well with jeans. I refuse to relinquish any more knitted hats to the wilderness!

Anyway, I just got my very first printer, which I am very excited about. Up until now I’ve had to talk nicely to other people to be able to test the KnitLove collection, or scan various application forms. Now I get all the hassle & expense myself. Yay! The first thing I printed was the ‘Get Excited and Make Things’ poster. Actually, I usually reverse that order…

mug jumper

Make things: Mug Jumper.
Get Excited: Nearly 80 faves on Ravelry!

Knitting this won’t take you much longer than emptying the contents of your mug… unless you drink really quickly. Or knit really slowly. And for the moment the pattern only costs 90p. Go on, knit a few. :) What I loved about designing this was that I was able to just sit down with my mug of tea, and ‘unvent’ as I went along.* See what I mean?

My sweet little knitted mug.

I just followed the cables on my mug. I might still be struggling bending notes on the harmonica, but bending a cable is a piece o’ cake. I found this knitty mug at Superdrug a few weeks ago, by the way. It isn’t the most amazingly crafted piece of crockery, but it’s got cables & it’s pink & I love it.

Mug Jumper

More quick gift-knits will be coming soon. We all know it’s not “last-minute” until we’re in double figures at least. ;)

*I’d write about unventing cables, but Eunny did it much better, and about four years earlier.


  1. TravelingAnn says:

    Gasp! What a cute mug!

    • laylock says:

      Isn’t it just? I managed to snap up another one, so maybe I’ll do a little giveaway. :)

      • ShoreShihTzuNurs says:

        Just LOVE the mug and your cozy! I did a search and can’t find the mug on the web anywhere. Boo hoo……. Well, it’ll give me something to look for when we visit the UK next year!

        Barbara wavin’ from the Jersey Shore ~~~ ~~ ~

  2. Linda says:

    I am off to our Superdrug to see if they have ne of those! They are very similar to soem very expensive designer crocks I saw in London. :)

  3. Soidoseep says:

    Excuse me for commenting OT – which WordPress theme do you use? It looks stunning.

    • laylock says:

      Thanks very much! The theme is based on Joshua Sowin’s Blueprint Theme, but I modified it a lot. If I knew anything about PHP I’d make it available, but I really don’t & it’s very messy. Feel free to snoop around in the CSS though. :)

  4. Rachie says:


    I’m quite new to knitting and very new to cables…I was trying to make this tonight and had some trouble with row 5 onwards! I don’t seem to be able to get the right number of stiches in the row when following the pattern…it feels like I should be putting in some extra stiches between the t2ls and the t2rs to get the right number of stiches in a row. ( I think I had about 8 left over.) What am I doing wrong? The cable row (7) worked fine, incidentally and had the right number of stiches.

    Any help greatly appreciated! Love the look of the finished jumper and can’t wait to get to that stage at some point!!!

  5. […] knitting goodies. I haven’t decided exactly what the prize will be yet, but it will include a cabled mug like this one, and a set of Warm Wool Heart postcards. Depending on how many entrants there are (and how much […]

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