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Working a Faster Ribbing?

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Since I demonstrated my purling technique in Love Your Purls, I’ve had loads of knitters contact me to let me know how much it’s helped them get faster at purling, and actually stop hating the process!

I’ve also had a few people asking me to demonstrate how I would work a knit stitch in this way. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to change techniques between knitting and purling, so I shot this video a while back, to show you how I knit and purl. You might be able to tell I’m working the Parasol Shawlette, which will be released oh-so-soon.

Knitters who purchase the Parasol Stole before the release, will get a free copy of the Shawlette pattern. Otherwise, it will be priced as a separate pattern, although I may offer a discounted “bundle” for the Stole & Shawlette together. So if you’re interested in knitting either, it’s best to buy now! :)

12th April, 2011  // How To, Technique // tags: , .


  1. Erin Kate says:

    Great video! I’ll definitely have to try this out. (p.s. cute nailpolish!)

  2. Yarn Coma says:

    You can bet I’ll be watching this video after work tonight. I hate purling! And I’m soooo slow at it.

    Hopefully you can help me cure my purling blues :)

  3. Sasha says:

    After watching your video on the faster purling, I’ve actually developed something similar for ribbing that you showed in the video hahaha except I’ve run into the problem of keeping the yarn too tight or too loose in my left hand when I use that technique. I guess its just practice that makes perfect :)

  4. Tia6 says:

    I was so happy to see your purling technique! I purl with my left thumb, too, but had never seen anyone else do it. Now I have to go check my k1 p1 technique – hopefully I can speed it up. Thank you for the great videos.

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