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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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tiny heart shawl

scruffy bear with neckerchief

Shawls don’t have to take a long time, you know! As a knitting exercise, why not try the cheat sheet shawls with thin yarn & small needles? It’ll help you understand how the shaping works, and you can have a cute little neckerchief for teddy at the end of it. :)

Welcome to my new readers & thank you for all the sweet comments, tweets, blogs, re-blogs & all the delightful enthusiasm for the 5 Shawls Cheat Sheet, dear Knitters. They really put a spring in my step & give me the inspiration to knit & unravel more for you. x

18th May, 2011  // Photographs // tags: , , .


  1. Erin Kate says:

    What a great idea! And too cute. :)

  2. That is so cute. A teddy bear shawl!

  3. Tami H. says:

    I stumbled across your blog from knitfinder. I am so excited that I already purchased a wonderful pattern from you “House slipover”. However, I was trying to figure out what sizes the pattern was for before purchasing. I ended up going to Ravelry to find out. Thankfully it was listed there. I would suggest if possible to list pattern sizing in the index of pattern information on your blog. I would have found it helpful. Thank-you very much, I look forward to many more patterns of yours to make beautiful things in the future.

    • laylock says:

      Hi Tami, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy knitting Houses. The ‘Finished Measurements’ are on the pattern page here.

      However, perhaps I should move things around a bit to make them more obvious. :)

  4. […] for the smallest shawlette, though, unless you’re knitting for a very small person, or a teddy bear. […]

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