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Crescent-Shaped Shawls

shoals shawl

Allow me introduce you to two sisters: Shoals & Shore. They’re crescent-shaped shawls worked from the bottom up; Shoals (as her name implies) is shallow, while Shore is deeper and rounder like a sandy beach. They both begin with a lace border, but Shoals‘ body is smooth stockinette, whereas Shore‘s is an undulating garter stitch.

Crescent Shawls

Shoals + Shore
PDF Patterns + Worksheet


Shoals‘ lace looks like waves, and swaying seaweed, and seashells all at once. She’s a dainty little creature who will keep the sun off your shoulders while you relax on the beach with a book. Knit in a vibrant colour like turquoise, she’ll add a flourish to a plain outfit, especially useful if you’re travelling with a limited wardrobe. She could totally pull off white too, though.

shoals shawl

Shore is sand lilies, mermaid’s purses, fishtails, and fins. Being a bit larger, she makes a good cover-up for the beach, tied nonchalantly around your hips or jauntily at your shoulder. She’ll also keep the chill off after your swim.

shore shawl


free short rows knitting class at
But I haven’t even told you the best part yet! The sisters bring with them a CRESCENT SHAWL SHAPING WORKSHEET which shows you the exact formula I used to design them in the first place. All you have to do is decide how rounded you want your shawl to be, fill in the blanks, and follow the pattern.

What does this mean to you?
1. It means that you can design your own crescent-shaped shawls using any stitch pattern you like for the border.
2. It means that you can modify patterns you already own to be shallower or deeper or A DIFFERENT SIZE!
3. It means that you can expand your knitting repertoire to include this intriguing knitting technique.

The worksheet elucidates the technique used in the beautiful Annis Shawl, designed by Susanna IC. I love this technique so much; it’s quite brilliant! If you haven’t tried it before, it works by decreasing at the end of each short row, so essentially the shawl is shaped in two ways. I think this worksheet will be of great value to you, because figuring out how these shawls work is by no means intuitive.

Don’t worry if you’re not good with maths, either. I’ve laid out the worksheet (which is 1 page, with an additional explanatory page) clearly and simply, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks, and perform some basic division. Perhaps you could use an abacus. :)

shoals shawl
See? Life’s a breeze when you have the formula; now I have all this spare time to relax on the beach. :)

shore shawl

many moons

If you’re as fond of visual puns as I am, then you will appreciate how many themes are ripe for a crescent shawl…

How about…
a crescent-shaped shawl for a honeymoon, whether it’s your own, or a friend’s?
a Luna Lovegood shawl to celebrate the final Harry Potter film?
a “cheer up” shawl for a loved one who’s been mooning about?
a shawl inspired by the croissant, for elegant brunches at a café?


Shoals & Shore each have 4 sizes, and both written & charted instructions.

Circumference: 140 [168, 196, 252]cm / 55 [66, 77, 99]in
Width at widest point: 21 [23, 25, 29]cm / 8 [9, 10, 11.5]in
Yarn: Sport-weight cotton or cotton blend, approx. 200 [235, 260, 290]m / 220 [260, 285, 320]yds.
Needles: 5mm.
Gauge: 14sts / 22 rows over 10cm / 4in in stocking stitch.

Circumference: 140 [196, 252, 308]cm / 55 [77, 99, 121] in
Width at widest point: 28 [35, 42, 49]cm / 11 [14, 16.5, 19]in
Yarn: Sport-weight cotton or cotton blend, approx. 240 [310, 350, 370]m / 260 [340, 385, 405]yds.
Needles: 5mm.
Gauge: 14sts / 26 rows over 10cm / 4in in garter stitch.

The sisters are only available as a pair, as they complement each other so well. The best part is that if you don’t like my sizes you can use the worksheet to create your own, so altering any of the shawls to work with other yarn weights and gauges is easy. You can also effortlessly configure Shoals to be more curved, and Shore to be shallower. The possibilities are endless! One thing’s for sure, you’ll be blocking your own shawls in no time…

shore shawl

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  1. Carolina says:

    Fantastic! Crescent shawls are my all time favorite. Just purchased your two patterns and thanks so much for including a shaping worksheet. I can’t wait to get started on desinging my own crescent shawls.

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  3. Kathleen L. Franks says:

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful Shawl Knitting Cheatsheet. I happen to love mindless knitting and I just love knitting shawls. My husband will be retiring late this summer and we will be moving out of state and I will have lots of time to knit and as have a stash to choak a horse, he insists I clear out some, so I am only going to keep that which I have enough to use for shawls. I would love to purchase the Crescent Shawl pattern and cheatsheet, but I do not have paypal and I do not know how to convert the price to american dollars. Can you help.
    Thank You!
    Kathleen Franks (

  4. pj says:

    Would you consider posting the worksheet pages for a small fee?

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  6. Gloria says:

    I can’t knit! Can you show me how to make a crescent shawl in crochet?

  7. emel says:

    Merhaba Derya ben İstanbul dan Emel sitedeki herşey çok keyifli bu kızkardeşlere bayıldım alıp hemen örmeyi istiyorum fakat ipin markasını çok merak ettim mümkünse belirtebilirmisin teşekkürler.

  8. reina chulim says:

    Hermosos,quisiera aprender a hacerlos, en mi ciudad no encuentro los hilos y las agujas circulares. Un saludo.

  9. cp says:

    is there a mistake on the shoal pattern?

    Rows 1-6
    Rows 1-16
    Rows 1-6

    we need an odd numbered row here, but you say to do row 28 which does not make sense.

    I paid a lot of money for this ebook; the patterns are sold only in pairs though I only wanted one of them. I feel cheated especially since the instructions are not clear.

  10. cristina says:

    I was wondering if you do any loom knitted shawls. I myself love shawls also and could never have enough. Unfortunately I don’t knit and have been looming for alittle over 6 months. I love your shawls and want to make them. Please help me. TY for sharing.

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