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There’s been a profusion of butterflies here over the last few days, all fluttering madly and hardly ever landing during their fleeting lives. This little chap stopped for a drink just long enough that I could snap a few photos. Doesn’t he look like he flew a bit too close to a pot of blue pigment?

I love being by the Aegean. I love the landscape & the colours & the myths. I like to imagine the coastline without any of the buildings that now clutter it; it must have been even more achingly beautiful back then.

Some things never change though… I bought these skeins of lace-weight cotton at the market for 1.50TL (about 60p or 90¢) each. So cheap! But hand-winding lace-weight is disheartening work; the ball doesn’t get bigger and the skein doesn’t get smaller. The Turkish word for a skein is “çile”, which also means “suffering”. Coincidence? I only wish I looked half as cool and serene as the girls in this painting by Lord Leighton.


The cotton is for a pair of shawls I’ve been working on, inspired by summer & classical literature. I’d say more, but perhaps they should remain a MYSTERY? ;)

lace-weight cotton

10th July, 2011  // Life, Photographs // tags: , , , .


  1. Josefina says:

    Beautiful. All of it.

    Excited to see the shawls when the time comes.

  2. That cotton looks gorgeous. I pulled out my crocheted cotton shawl the other day that I made from Turkish yarn. It is gorgeous blues and greens and it reminds me of Turkey every time I wear it. I can’t wait to see your planned project. Can’t you get ball winders in Turkey? I can’t manage without mine.

    • laylock says:

      Turkey definitely does cotton well! & I asked myself that same question as I was winding! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any ball winders here, which is strange because Turks love their gadgets. Clearly there’s a niche for some enterprising fiber-lover. :)

  3. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful butterfly and painting. I can’t believe the cotton was so cheap! Lucky you. It looks so wonderful and soft :) Good luck winding it!

    • laylock says:

      I was surprised too, considering how much cotton prices have gone up in the last year. I have wound one skein into a nice centre-pull ball, thanks. I’ll leave the other for later. ;)

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