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Mutant Shawls

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I wanted to throw out a few more ideas on how you can use the Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet, in addition to making tiny teddy bear shawls, and adding easy borders. These are some “mutant” shawl shapes that can be created by altering or mashing the 5 basic shapes.

The first shawl began as a triangle, and ended as a (garter stitch) square shawl. In essence, all you’re doing is altering the rate and placement of the increases, but the results can be quite interesting.

Other variations are possible by eliminating certain increases, while continuing others. You can create a shallow triangle shawl by stopping increasing in the centre, but continuing at the sides. You could also reverse this, and begin by increasing only at the sides, and add the central increases later. I think this would create more of a point.

If you start off with the circular shawl and switch to the triangular shape, you’ll end up with a shawl bearing some similarity to a Faroese shawl. For the shawl below I actually didn’t continue the increases down the middle, so it’s not quite a triangle.

The diagrams showing the increase paths will help you in visualising your shawl mutations, but experimentation’s the ticket. I hope this brief post has given you some ideas. I’ll continue to post about shawl design and knitting, and hope that you aren’t yet resilient to the new strains! ;)

If you’d like to listen to me ramble at the lovely Lara Neel (a.k.a. Math4Knitters) while you knit, do please listen to the interview here. I’d never done an interview over Skype before, so I was very excited! You can also grab a discount code to get 20% off any Laylock pattern until the end of August. Just enter it in the Ravelry cart. Hurrah!

* Please forgive the wonky blocking & hurried photos! So many things going on chez Laylock at the moment: autumn designs, novel writing, travel, interviews, plans for world domination, the lot!

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  1. Audry says:

    I love how you show all the variations in mini-shawl form. What a great way to work out different shaping ideas. And they are cute too!

  2. Maya says:

    I loved the interview! And these are so cute. Great idea to just try out the shapes of the shawls.

  3. annelouise says:

    i just found your site yesterday and bought the parasol patterns, which i love, but sometimes nothing beats garter stitch..!

    am becoming slightly shawl obsessed myself and love this simple variations on a theme.

    looking forward to seeing what else you create…

  4. elsa says:

    I just found your blog and love it and your designs! thanks so much for the cheat sheet on shawl design. I’ve made so many and am ready to design my own and this will help a lot!

  5. Love your blog! I knit a semicrescent shawl in merine/silk, it was great. Workig the same in mohair/silk, I ran into a problem. The pattern this time was a bit more openwork and the interval of the every 4th row increases were maybe not enough. Might every 2nd row have been better? Could the different material have brought on the cone- rather than semicircular shape? I am a bit of a loss here and would appreciate some advice. Thank You.

  6. Sue Hotton says:

    Thanks for the cheat sheet it is something I have been looking for over the last few months. I look forward to seeing more of your edgings.

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