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Knitting Vlog

Click here to watch on Youtube if you can’t see the video above.

I posted my first vlog yesterday! I have a lot to improve on, but I like the idea of doing a vlog every so often, do you? Also, sorry about the sound quality. I think it’s my Macbook fan. I should probably close some apps before filming videos. Oops!

Luxury Yarn Shawl
silk shawl

silk shawl

Dovetail Shawl
dovetail shawl

Mitre-Square Shawl
the shape of things to come...

  • If you’re interested in test knitting any of these shawls, comment below to let me know which. They’re all “as much yarn as you have” shawls, and gauge isn’t important. I’d quite like to see how they look in a variety of yarn weights, actually. I want to get the Mitre-Square Shawl out soonest, the other two aren’t such a hurry, as I obviously have some more designing to do for the ebook. :)
  • Also comment below or video response with your knitting speed (& whether you were knitting st st, ribbing, garter st, etc.)! I’m curious. :)
  • If you’re doing NaNoWriMo too, add me as a writing buddy. My username is: maiden & I’m already behind!
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  1. Isabelle says:

    I so want to test knit for you! I love your patterns. I just don’t know witch one to choose, so choose for me please!

  2. erin kate says:

    The dovetail shawl is so pretty! Love the name too. :)

  3. penny says:

    I’d be interested in helping you test knit any of these. I’ll have to time my knitting …. i’ve just switched out how I knit (purl was faster) and I have hopefully increased my speed and fixed a few tension issues.

  4. Kessa says:

    Love the shawls you have designed. The mitre-square shawl is really interesting. I’d love to test-knit the luxury yarn shawl. I have some handyed silk yarn that will be perfect for it. :)

  5. kat says:

    hei there,

    i love both of those patterns and would like to knit one of them for you…

    lovely patterns!
    good knittin, kat

  6. Francesca says:

    I’d love to test the Dovetail or the Mitre-Square, usually I knit only during the evenings so I am not the fastest knitter but I can try.
    Happy knitting and happy writing!

  7. Julie says:

    I would love to test knit the Dovetail shawl it is beautiful. I have some laceweight yarn which I think would be perfect.

  8. Laura Danielson says:

    If you are still looking for test Knitters I’d love to test the miter shawl..

  9. Amy Lamash says:

    Derya, I just want to say I am so impressed by your creativity! I love your designs and all your beautiful graphic work. Keep it up!

    I love the vlog. I makes you much more personable. You feel like a friend now. I would love to see more videos. Perhaps you can mix the two?

  10. Jacqueline Corrons-Hickey says:

    Love to “test knit” your “Dove Tail” Shawl. I have almost to finish your “Parasol” Shawl and have posted my work on Facebook — so MANY COMPLIMENTS on your pattern and my knitting. I am nearly finished with the Parasol Shawl – for my daughter. Thank you so much for your beautiful web site and your patterns. Jackie

  11. SusannahC says:

    I’m late to comment, but I’d be interested in test knitting either the Luxury Yarn shawl or the Mitre-Square Shawl.

  12. Chris says:

    Definitely would like you to release the kid classic red and white pocket piece, and I’d be willing to test knit it for you, but I’m swamped with Holiday knitting at present, so I couldn’t do it until after Christmas. Please do write up the pattern. It’s classic!

  13. kelly says:

    I enjoyed the vlog post… you have a nice casual/friendly speaking style! :-) i see this post is several years old, so doubtful that you still need test knitters, but i am looking for more info or link to pattern for the “as much as you have” shawl – love it!! I have lots of single or partial skeins and would love to make them up into this shawl! Please advise… thanks! Oh, and a huge!! Thank you for the “how to purl the easy way” video….BRILLIANT!!

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