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Stitch Marker Bracelets

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colourwork hat

I got these pretty charms and the bracelet to hang them on from Primark (I don’t think they exist in the US, but I bet Forever21 has something close) with the intention of using them as stitch markers. They work like a charm (ho ho) and would make great (inexpensive) gifts for knitting friends. You can then purchase them charms on other special occasions to add to their collection. Stitch markers with clips would also work; I know Atomic Knitting makes beautiful ones.

The regular charms from Primark fit needles up to 3.5mm.

stitch marker bracelet

There are some adorable charms in the kids section too, but they’re smaller (and cheaper) and will fit needles up to 2.75mm. Perfect for socks!
stitch marker charms
sock knitting

This is a colourwork hat I’m working on with designs from the Perpetual Colourwork Calendar (October). I’ve already attempted filming one tutorial about creating your own colourwork charts, but the lighting was so poor that I think I will try again. Sorry for the delay!

colourwork hat

The needles are KnitPro Symfonie (short 3mms with 60cm cable) and the yarn is Pure Wool Superwash from Nako.

colourwork hat

If you go to the Primark in Birmingham, say hello to the Bullring Bull in his woolly jumper. :)

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  1. Erin Kate says:

    Oh my goodness it’s so gorgeous! I love them with your knits.

  2. Carolina says:

    Adorable stitch markers! I’m going to look at charms in an all new way.

  3. Donna says:

    Here in the US, Hobby Lobby carries the charms with the lobster claws already attached. These would be easy to make though. Use any old (reasonably sized) pendant or charm and add it to a lobster claw using a jump ring. And then you can get whatever size lobster claw you want. The bracelet looks like it could be made by stringing through every loop of a large chain with jewelry wire and adding a clasp. If you didn’t add too many charms, it could also be done with heavy stretch cord (1.2mm). All items can be purchased in the jewelry making department of craft stores.

    With the holidays, many places are selling charm bracelets for cheap that you can steal the charms off of.

  4. Maggie says:

    What a great idea! I almost never go in Primark, but inspired by you, I had a look, and found some charms: I got a little turtle, a couple of Russian dolls, tiny pair of pink slippers. Excellent value at £1. I also picked up a bumper pack of soft elastic hair ties in blues, purples and pinks – thought they would make a neat way of keeping knitting needles in order.

  5. […] to say, you can put other things in your sachet, like jewelry, sweeties, stitch markers, milk teef, tisanes, nibs, buttons, and other trifles, trinkets, and […]

  6. Nancy says:

    Wow, great idea, fun functional and handy .. I’m from Canada … I will be looking for charms that would work with this bracelet idea.

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