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tea leaves
tea leaves
tea leaves
tea leaves
tea leaves
tea leaves

“Tea Leaf” Handwarmers
knit with my tea-dyed yarn

21st December, 2011  // Photographs // tags: , , , .


  1. Erin Kate says:

    Oh wow, beyond lovely. I love that it’s dyed with tea too!

  2. Audry says:

    That tea dyed yarn is so beautiful. There just seems to be a little extra depth in it.

  3. Martha Joy says:

    They look light and lovely, and I love how the yarn worked out, I remember you dyeing it. I hope it stays just as crisp-looking as it is right now.

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh, those are lovely. What is the pattern?

  5. Emma says:

    Just beautiful! I love the color of the yarn.

  6. Marianne Michelsen says:

    Where do I find the pattern to these beautiful handwarmers? Love them.. ;)

  7. Diane Bertolatti says:

    Hi Derya

    I would love to knit these handwarmers! Is there a pattern yet?

    Love the story of the dyeing. I have just dyed yarn with Greater Celandine – a plant that grew wild in my garden. I have made a felted bag with it:

    Your blog is really interesting!


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