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Watercolour Gift Tags & Card

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I made these to accompany my Mum’s birthday gift. Perhaps you’ll find them handy? Especially if you’ve forgotten that it’s Mothering Sunday this weekend, which I’m sure you haven’t! There are two gift tags and a card which you can print out and customise.

watercolour gift tags

You can use an image-editing program to add text to the front of the card, although I think some ink calligraphy would make the whole thing look more hand-painted and less inkjet-printed. Print them on cardstock if you can, and if you’re like me and diligently save tiny lengths of leftovers, use them for the tie.

watercolour doodle & flower

Doodling with watercolours is almost as relaxing as knitting, as long as you don’t try too hard. I’ve particularly been enjoying this ebook: Fearless Watercolours.


Here’s another way to use your gift tags. These little roses are shockingly simple to create for last-minute gifts, party favours or just for yourself. I have prepared a post about them for tomorrow so don’t miss it! :)

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  1. Julie says:

    those gift tags are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. […] absolutely in love with this simple technique for making dainty fabric roses, and as promised yesterday, I wanted to share links to my favourite tutorials, and a few tips along the […]

  3. David says:

    I love the tags, and your ‘doodling’ is beautiful! After enjoying just looking at them, I had to go and check out the Fearless Watercolor site (the link didn’t work for me, but gave me a exactly what to search for). Thanks so much for the lovely items that you post and share, and thanks for the pointer to that book!

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