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Wordless Wednesday

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new shawl

Black shawl & blackbird song.

new shawl

The weather today was lovely, making me feel silly for grumbling about it yesterday…

new shawl

& yes, I really must buy some more stitch markers! :)

27th June, 2012  // Photographs // tags: , .


  1. kate says:

    I used paper clips as stitch markers for years before I finally broke down and bought some!

  2. Jenn says:

    What a magnificent blog – you are an artistic designer and creator of lovely soft warm wool scarves – masterpieces. I design pashmina cashmere scarves / hand painted evening wraps for Yours Elegantly an online scarves & wraps site. I appreciate your creativity. Beauty beyond compare!

  3. Mary Dixon says:

    This is it!! I am done….um…no….wait! When I got to this page, I remembered having some rayon (?) yarn that was originally purchased to make crocheted gloves. That didn’t work so well so it’s been collecting dust and cat hair. NOW….I know exactly, or close, what to do. When I don’t know how far the yarn will go I will start at the point and increase appropriately and make a shawl or…whatever it could be called by the time I get done. After I finish two sweaters, another blanket and another shawl. Oh…almost forgot about the socks. Let me finish them and then…I will be casting on very soon.

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