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Lilaceous Shawl on Knitty

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Lilaceous ShawlLilaceous Shawl

lilaceous adj.
Pronunciation: /laɪˈleɪʃəs/
Etymology: < lilac n. + -eous suffix. Definition: Of or belonging to a lilac colour.

I’m so utterly delighted & honoured to have a pattern in the latest issue of Knitty! Lilaceous is a lacy counterpane shawl, constructed just like the Beeton Shawl, with three triangles knit around a circular-knit square – and yes, the counterpane shawl ebook I’ve been talking about for ages will be available oh so soon! Since lilacs are my thing, I wanted to design a shawl that came as close to capturing their form as I could.

I don’t know whether I was thinking about Seignac’s Virginité (or just spying on the neighbours) when I posed for the photos, but the colours certainly remind me of it. Unfortunately it was still far too cold to shoot outdoors, and when the lilacs did bloom, my photography attempts were foiled by dappled light (the bane of correct exposure).

Guillaume Seignac - Virginite

Knitty, apart from being my favourite knitting publication, also has the distinction of being the magazine I’ve knit most patterns from. I’ve written before about how knitting projects encapsulate memories of the time you were knitting them, and looking at this list of projects I’ve knit from Knitty patterns reminds me of my old dorm room, epic charity shop yarn bargains, past Christmasses, friends I haven’t seen in ages, and, generally, times when knitting was so much more confusing for me than it is now…

Knitty Patterns I’ve Knit

In descending order of quantity:

A handful of Calorimetrys *
3 Mintys **
2 Clapotis
2 Pair Fetching
1 Aibhlinn
1 Bitterroot
1 Wavy
A coaster using Binary
Half an Ivy
Half an RPM
And there are probably others I’ve missed…

I’ve come a long way since my first tentative Clapotis, but lest I’m tempted to rest on my lilacs laurels, Knitty still serves up patterns that mystify me by their elegance and complexity. Thank you Amy, Jillian, and Liz!

Lilaceous Shawl
Lilaceous Shawl
Lilaceous Shawl
Lilaceous Shawl

I also wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming number of lovely messages I’ve received about Lilaceous; I will do my best to get back to all of you. I ♥ you, knitters!

* I’m about to knit another one for a friend who lost hers.
** Possibly my favourite pattern ever (as I’ve mentioned before). I wear one almost every day, and almost every day I get complimented on it or someone asks me how it’s made.

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  1. Kessa says:

    Congratulations! This is a beautiful pattern (my favourite in Knitty’s Winter 2012 collection) and that colour is very refreshing.

  2. Áine says:

    Sooo pretty! Was so pleased to see you included. (It’s my fav too!) Lovely to see a shawl with a non-standard construction. Congrats!

  3. LucyR says:

    Just wanted to say – saw this confection on Knitty and knew it for yours before I looked. It’s fabulous. :-)

  4. Mala says:

    I have this ICE mohair which has been swatched, patterned, fondled and finally–ripped !! again and again..Now, I know what it was made for–your lovely shawl. Am going to dive into your amazing pattern and emerge only when the beauty is complete!! thank you for sharing your genius with fellow knitters!

  5. Nicole says:

    Wow, super super gorgeous, such a gossamer shawl

  6. Ninivel says:

    I’m working on your beautiful shawl Lilaceous.I’m on the first round of chart C,D,E,F. I had 4 stitches left over after I finished the round. So I ripped that round and started again. Chart C turns out well, but chart D does not seem to coincide to form the design.It seems to be off 1 or 2 stitches. Have I left something out?

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