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Knitter’s Doodles Free Font

Free Knitting Font

Knitter’s Doodles (ZIP)

Earlier this week I discovered PaintFont, a site that allows you to turn your handwriting into a font. My handwriting isn’t particularly interesting but I thought it would be fun to create a dingbat, and so I drew some knitting-related doodles in Paper by 53, then cut and pasted them into the font template using Gimp. The result is a cute, though somewhat haphazard font which I think will nevertheless be useful for adding character to your project photos. Allow me to demonstrate, with apologies to Bouguereau:


The zip file includes an OTF and a TTF version. You’re welcome to use the font in any personal, educational or commercial projects. I only ask that you do not redistribute it.

If you’d like to use the font to jazz up your Instagram photos, I’ve found it’s possible to install fonts on iOS using the AnyFont app. You can then edit your image with any app that uses the system fonts. I’ve had luck with Moldiv, but do let me know if you have any other recommendations. Enjoy! :)

ETA: Connie has done what I was too lazy to do & put together a cheat sheet. Vielen dank! :)

P.S. The knitting background is available here.

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  2. Meredith says:

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

    p.s I’ve missed your blog! Glad to see you are active again. I hope all is well with you.


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