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knitted houseI was playing around with knitting some house-shaped coasters/ornaments the other evening, but I realised they would involve cutting and rejoining the yarn quite a few times. I was feeling lazy and I began to wonder whether I could knit them in one piece, so I would only have to weave in two ends. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I could work out at the time, but I have been thinking about it ever since as a sort of challenge. It reminds me a bit of the trick of drawing the envelope without taking the pen off the paper. Here is the shape I was trying to achieve. I used garter stitch, but you don’t have to. The only stipulation is that you don’t cut and rejoin the yarn, dimensions are entirely up to you. Can you do it?

Post a comment here or on the Ravelry forums if you find a solution; all the better if you knit it up and take a photo. I will post my solution next Sunday. Have fun!

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Scheming Schematic It’s difficult to ignore the negative connotations of the words ‘designing’, ‘scheming’, and ‘calculating’ when you’re knee-deep in writing up a pattern. I certainly wouldn’t appreciate being labelled with any of these words, but I have been occupied in them nevertheless. It strikes me that some schematic templates for basic knitted items wouldn’t go amiss either, since it’s a bit fiddly drawing them neatly, though not particularly difficult. I have also been re-reading Edward Tufte’s amazing Envisioning Information (uk | us) for inspiration. I highly recommend it for anyone, even if you’re not interested in design it will help you recognise and appreciate good design when you encounter it. Just flipping through the book is a small epiphany. It is full of beautiful images from many cultures and eras, and the text that accompanies them always appears on the same page; no flipping back and forth! It makes me itch to sort out those indecipherable Arriva Trains Wales timetables.

In the meantime, my boyfriend’s opinion on garment ease brought me a smile: ‘it’s nice if there’s room for two’. Aww.

11th December, 2008  // Houselock // tags: , , , , , .

Glossy Ravelry Icons

free ravelry icons

If you are at all interested in the world of knitting or crochet, I hope you have already heard of the amazing Ravelry. Knowing that I’m part of the best web community out there, and that most tech geeks probably don’t even know it is pretty cool, so I wanted to have a nice big Ravelry button to link to my profile. While I was making it, it occurred to me that it might be neat to be able to offer your readers a link to the RSS feed of your profile page. I don’t suppose many people are aware that you can do this, but it’s a great feature! Another huge thumbs up to Casey and Jess!

These were all made with Inkscape. I thought drop shadows looked a bit messy at smaller sizes, so I didn’t add any, but if anyone wants them, I can make some versions with drop shadows too.

The .zip file includes:

  • Round icons in .png format, in 7 sizes.
  • Round feed icons in .png format in 7 sizes.
  • Square icons in .png format in 6 sizes.
  • Square feed icons in .png format in 6 sizes.
  • All icons in vector format in 1 .svg file.

Updated as of 1 December 2008: The .zip file now also includes a handy readme.txt file to tell you how to use the icons!

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28th November, 2008  // Downloads // tags: , , .
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