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Educating Non-Knitters on Garment Care

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please look after this yarn

I noticed that a discussion on the Ravelry forums linked to the garment labels I posted yesterday. The question is “how do you educate non-knitters you knit for, to care for their garment?” Especially with the Christmas season coming up, this seems like an important problem to try to resolve. Sewing in a fabric label, such as those found in shop-bought clothes, seems an ideal solution because people are accustomed to consulting them, and they are always available for quick reference on the garment itself. But this is clearly not an option for smaller knitted items such as socks and gloves, and may not be feasible on lacy pieces where they would show through. In these cases it would be necessary to provide the instructions separately.

So where would the recipient be most likely to keep the instructions?

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9th November, 2008  // Yarn // tags: , , , .

Garment Care Labels

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I designed these images so that they can be used as gift tags, labels or even for record-keeping for knitted (or other handmade) projects. You can fill in the symbols by hand after you print them out. Check out this site or google ‘garment care symbols’ to see a list of symbols and their meanings. Fill in the pylon lines with a message to your recipient or with project details.

The PDF file contains one large label and two small ones. Please let me know if you encounter any problems, and especially if you enjoy using them!

You might also be interested to know that the image contains some clues to one of the themes of my new knitwear collection. ;)

Please do not redistribute these images. Thank you.

8th November, 2008  // Downloads // tags: , , , .

Castings On

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Welcome to the Laylock blog. The purpose of this blog is mainly to keep you informed of what’s going on behind the scenes at Laylock. Please remember to subscribe via your feed reader to receive updates on when new patterns are made available.

That said, I am finally beginning to knit and write up designs I have had in my mind and in my notebooks for months, or in some cases for years. They will be available as PDF downloads, and grouped into ever-changing collections. The first collection will be knit in greys, blacks, whites and lilac accents. You can see the beginnings of a swatch for the first pattern above, in delicious Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply. Any guesses what it might be? :)

21st October, 2008  // Houselock // tags: , .
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