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Clothing Care Symbols to Download

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If you find my free Knit Love gift tags, and Bird Labels useful, and fancy making your own, here is an .svg file of the blank care symbols. I made these using Inkscape, which is a great open source vector graphics program. If you need some guidance using Inkscape, The Knitting Penguin has started an excellent series called ‘Inkscape for Knitters‘ which will teach you enough about Inkscape to use this .svg file. She’s clearly put a lot of time and effort into the series, so please take the time to thank her.

The blank symbols are public domain, so feel free to use them as you wish! Enjoy!

4th May, 2009  // Downloads // tags: , , , , .

The Gift of Gift Tags

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The Houses pattern is nearing completion, so I thought I’d show you the little gift that will come with it. Printable pictures you can use as gift tags or for your own records. Just like the birdy labels I posted earlier, they have garment care symbols that you can fill in yourself.

Gift tags with garment care symbols
Close up of washing care symbols

The new website is also coming along, slowly and quietly like the snow, and a very cold summerhouse has decided my next project for me. Wait and see!

2nd January, 2009  // Houselock // tags: , , , .

Educating Non-Knitters on Garment Care

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please look after this yarn

I noticed that a discussion on the Ravelry forums linked to the garment labels I posted yesterday. The question is “how do you educate non-knitters you knit for, to care for their garment?” Especially with the Christmas season coming up, this seems like an important problem to try to resolve. Sewing in a fabric label, such as those found in shop-bought clothes, seems an ideal solution because people are accustomed to consulting them, and they are always available for quick reference on the garment itself. But this is clearly not an option for smaller knitted items such as socks and gloves, and may not be feasible on lacy pieces where they would show through. In these cases it would be necessary to provide the instructions separately.

So where would the recipient be most likely to keep the instructions?

(read more…)

9th November, 2008  // Yarn // tags: , , , .
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