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Stitch Marker Bracelets

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colourwork hat

I got these pretty charms and the bracelet to hang them on from Primark (I don’t think they exist in the US, but I bet Forever21 has something close) with the intention of using them as stitch markers. They work like a charm (ho ho) and would make great (inexpensive) gifts for knitting friends. You can then purchase them charms on other special occasions to add to their collection. Stitch markers with clips would also work; I know Atomic Knitting makes beautiful ones.

The regular charms from Primark fit needles up to 3.5mm.

stitch marker bracelet

There are some adorable charms in the kids section too, but they’re smaller (and cheaper) and will fit needles up to 2.75mm. Perfect for socks!
stitch marker charms
sock knitting

This is a colourwork hat I’m working on with designs from the Perpetual Colourwork Calendar (October). I’ve already attempted filming one tutorial about creating your own colourwork charts, but the lighting was so poor that I think I will try again. Sorry for the delay!

colourwork hat

The needles are KnitPro Symfonie (short 3mms with 60cm cable) and the yarn is Pure Wool Superwash from Nako.

colourwork hat

If you go to the Primark in Birmingham, say hello to the Bullring Bull in his woolly jumper. :)

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Printable Knitting Calendar

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PRINTABLE PDF CALENDAR – £3.00 (approx. $5)

(also available for purchase on Etsy)

Colourwork inspiration every month… forever. Sound good? This is a PDF calendar which you can print out again and again, for yourself or as gifts. Each page has a colourwork panel that you can colour in however you like. I’m not exaggerating when I say the possibilities are endless!

knitting calendar

You can then use your designs in your knitting. Setting the motifs into mittens, hats or scarves is particularly easy and I’ll have a post up later this week that shows you how.

colourwork chart calendar
I’ve crammed as many different motifs in as possible, so you can use them in your knits in many different combinations. There’s a range of modern (skulls, owls, etc.) and traditional (scandinavian, shetland, andean and anatolian) designs, and if you include the front and back covers, there are 14 panels in total.

Things I ♥

  • Colouring in! I’d forgotten how much fun it is. And these little Bic pencils are the cutest.
  • No need to worry about “messing up”. Just print out another copy.
  • Checkboxes! Each day has a corresponding checkbox so you can mark off days, or record streaks. For example, aim to knit every day for a month!
  • When the month is over, you can cut out & stick your design in your knitting notebook.

printable knitting calendar

What to Do

Once you download your PDF, you’ll need to open it in Adobe Reader (or Preview on a Mac) and print whichever pages you’d like. Then you simply cut along the lines. If you’d like to punch a hole in the top to hang it, just don’t cut along the top and you should have plenty of room. A paper guillotine would help, but I just used scissors. You can peg your calendar page to a ribbon, tack it to a corkboard, or attach it to your fridge with a magnet. :)

printable perpetual calendar
printable calendar


Your PDF also includes 2 printable To-Do List Cards with dates, checkboxes, and, of course, designs that you can colour in.


As I mentioned in the last post, I’ll be picking two random members of the Laylock Designs Group to win a free calendar every week until the end of the year. I’ll announce the winners on this thread, so I don’t need to blog about it every time. The first winner, as determined by and the Ravelry member list is…

#14 – carrotmusic!
Congratulations! :)

Have a wonderful week (& month) everyone!

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