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i do believe i am a glow-worm.

Plan of Action:

1. Print out this PDF.
2. Cut out the quotation cards (I recommend a ruler & craft knife).
3. String up some ribbon on your wall or corkboard.
4. Peg the cards onto the string.
5. Be inspired!

So here is my slightly Victorian motivation wall with a preponderance of Thoreau and Gibran. This is a project I’ve had in mind for such a long time & it’s almost embarrassingly easy to execute. I just pasted a few quotes into a Pages template et voila!

Sometimes a sentence is all it takes TO DO IT.

26th April, 2011  // Inspiration // tags: , , , , .

Knitters’ Valentines

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KnitLove vol. 2 has been updated! I added a brand new card design (‘You’re my Knight of Knit’), a liner for the envelope, and some stickers to seal it, and took some new photos, because I wasn’t too happy with the old ones.

The collection was originally designed for Valentine’s Day, but I think the cards would bring a smile at any time of year. Besides, you can always use them as notelets, if you don’t fold them up. Volume 2 costs £4, but shhh, blog readers can use this extra-special discount code to get £1 off: VALENTINE11. All because I ♥ you, knitters! :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Knitter's Valentines
Knitter's Valentines
Knit Valentine's Cards
Knitter's Valentines

11th February, 2011  // Downloads // tags: , , , , , .

Keep Calm and Cast On

Keep Calm and Cast On - Yellow

Every knitter knows this is the best possible advice in all circumstances. Even if you’re procrastinating by knitting, hey, at least you’ll have a jumper by the end of it! If you’re a strung out, tangled-up, deadline-bound knitwear designer, every time you look at this poster I hope it will remind you to take a deep breath and remember why you love knitting. See number 1? It’s calming. If you’re snowed under with Christmas knitting/shopping/carding, if you’re annoyed at someone, or if you’ve just been dumped (ahem), keep calm and cast on. Stiff upper lip, darlings.

Click on any of the thumbnails to download a PDF file of the poster. Then print away!

The crown design is from a slipover I started knitting years ago, by the way. I suspect it just needed to be seamed together, but it’s still sitting in a basket in Ankara. Funny how that happens…

Keep Calm and Cast On - Blue Keep Calm and Cast On - Pink Keep Calm and Cast On - Green Keep Calm and Cast On - Charcoal Keep Calm and Cast On - Purple Keep Calm and Cast On - Red

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