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Free Pattern: Bow Pouch

bow pouch

Download on Ravelry
(in English & French)

A dainty little pattern for your leftovers. Making this is so quick and simple, that I don’t think even a beginner knitter could go wrong. I’ve included life-size schematics, so you can get away with only printing the second page. Then grab your yarn & needles & a tapestry needle and head to the park. Though these photos are rather autumnal, this is actually the first pattern for my summer collection. More on that later!

As I mentioned before, there are 3 different closures you can choose from: A fold-over & sew closure, a button flap closure, and a loop closure. The fold-over closure is the easiest, and doesn’t even require a button. The loop closure is also very simple, and I’ve included a tutorial on how to crochet the loop, so don’t fear the hook! :)

The pattern already has lots of Ravelry , and has been downloaded over 100 times. One knitter has even finished hers, out of Handmaiden sock yarn no less. See, it’s so pretty!

Here’s what I might put in mine:

  • Bobby pins
  • Keys
  • Stitch markers
  • iPod
  • Eraser & pencil lead
  • Tissue
  • A skipping stone
  • Almonds
  • A lump of sugar, in case I meet a horse
  • A piece of chalk for spontaneous graffitti
  • Plectra
  • IChing coins
  • Marbles
  • & all manner of other small thinglings that are always getting lost.

What will you keep in yours? Comment ‘cos I’m curious. :)

If you don’t fancy wearing it on your wrist, you can make one just to keep in your handbag / backpack / knitting bag, or even cooler, if your bag has a detachable strap, you can slide your pouch onto it!

Also, this is my favourite dress. I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I got it home & found out that it had POCKETS!



knitted bow pouch

bow pouch

Hellooo wonky garter stitch!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s lovely sock yarn creations. Hope you enjoy! :)


Many thanks to Nylwenn for the amazing work she did on the French translation! I have a feeling that if you knit La Bow Pouch in French, it will look more graceful, but I can’t be sure. :) Cliquez ici pour télécharger “La Bow Pouch”.

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Lambswool – Free Printable Nursery Art

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Printable Nursery ArtNursery Art PrintCraft Room Wall Art

These would look darling in a nursery or a craft studio. I know, because I have them up on my wall right now! They depict a sort of “water cycle” for knitting. :) It’s raining outside > you make yourself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee > and then it’s time to knit!

If you don’t have any room on your own walls, they’d make a great last-minute gift for a baby shower (pun intended) or a knitting friend. You could print them out & frame them before you gift them, or for the more tech-savvy, how about putting the files on a pretty flash drive / USB stick? I think that would make such a cool present! The prints come in blue, pink, and green (in case the baby’s sex isn’t known yet), and I’ve included the original SVG file, so you can actually make them any colour you like!

The ZIP download includes:

  • PDF file for prints in Blueberry
  • PDF file for prints in Raspberry
  • PDF file for prints in Green Tea
  • SVG file of all prints + alternative colours & frames
  • All prints are 5″ x 7″ to fit a standard photo frame (2 fit on an A4 sheet)
  • All prints are vector & can be scaled as desired

Honestly, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve promised to knit for a baby, only to find that they were suddenly racing towards their 2nd birthday. Oops! Have you done this? Or if you’re one of the amazingly organised knitters who haven’t, please tell us, how do you manage it? Luckily, printing these out is 100% faster than knitting anything. I’m glad I’ll have some backup from now on. :)

Looking at the lamb, I’m reminded of this poem, which was one of my favourites when I was little (and still is, actually):

There Were Three Little Sheep

There were two little sheep,
And three little sheep,
Came to see why baby
Wouldn’t go to sleep.

They peeped in the window,
And they entered at the door,
And their hard little hoofs
Tap-tapped on the floor.

Said the first little sheep,
‘O hush-a-bye-bye!
You will waken all the lambs
In the fold if you cry!’

But the third little sheep
Never said a word,
For baby cuddled up
Like a tired little bird.

Then the three little sheep,
In the turning of a pin,
Tap-tapped out,
As they tap-tapped in.

Hush-a-bye baby,
Hush-a-bye baby,

–Mary Gilmore

Aww. I wish I could be in Wales over the spring; it was one of my greatest delights to take the train from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth, and watch the new lambs hopping away to their mothers. Have a great weekend, knitters! Time to Knit!

Keep Calm and Cast On

Keep Calm and Cast On - Yellow

Every knitter knows this is the best possible advice in all circumstances. Even if you’re procrastinating by knitting, hey, at least you’ll have a jumper by the end of it! If you’re a strung out, tangled-up, deadline-bound knitwear designer, every time you look at this poster I hope it will remind you to take a deep breath and remember why you love knitting. See number 1? It’s calming. If you’re snowed under with Christmas knitting/shopping/carding, if you’re annoyed at someone, or if you’ve just been dumped (ahem), keep calm and cast on. Stiff upper lip, darlings.

Click on any of the thumbnails to download a PDF file of the poster. Then print away!

The crown design is from a slipover I started knitting years ago, by the way. I suspect it just needed to be seamed together, but it’s still sitting in a basket in Ankara. Funny how that happens…

Keep Calm and Cast On - Blue Keep Calm and Cast On - Pink Keep Calm and Cast On - Green Keep Calm and Cast On - Charcoal Keep Calm and Cast On - Purple Keep Calm and Cast On - Red

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