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Giveaway goodies!

Just a quick post to remind you that the giveaway ends tonight! One random winner will get this box of goodies, which includes some Jojoland Harmony & Melody, and a ball of Rowan Felted Tweed among other things. I will choose two additional names to win a set of postcards each.

Also many apologies if you’re due a response from me. My internet connection is almost non-existent and I’ve only managed to post this update with the greatest difficulty from my smartphone. :(

GOOD LUCK, lovely knitters!

P.S. I’ll update this post with the winners tomorrow, so please remember to check back (& check your email too). :)

Drumroll, please! The winner of the box of goodies is Ravelry user aztoni, and ftmhling & lisantanna will both receive a set of Warm Wool Heart postcards. Congratulations! :)

And if you didn’t win, don’t fret dear knitter, I will hold many more giveaways yet. I hope you have a marvellous week regardless. :)

8th July, 2012  // Laylock // tags: .

The New & the Old

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It has taken me ages to get around to blogging this, but the Laylock website is finally up! I’m quite pleased with the way it looks at the moment, and can’t wait to fill it up properly.

In anticipation of Easter (which is on the 12th of April this year), I decided to re-relase my Chick Egg Cosy pattern as a PDF, with extra instructions. It’s been getting a lot of love on Ravelry, with over 200 faves! :) I gave all of the original chicks away to friends, so I had to knit another couple to photograph. Here they are, modeled by real eggs. They even had some adventures, before I gave them away too. You’ll notice the second chick posing in front of the Twitter main page. That’s because he’s a Twitter bird! If you’re a Twitter fan too, hop over and follow me, then knit yourself a few blue egg cosies. They’ll keep your egg warm in the morning while you tweet, tweet, tweet.

cheep cheep twitter bird egg cosy

Thank you so much for all your excellent suggestions regarding the postcards. The random number generator chose #1! So congratulations to LittleWit, I’ll be sending you a package very soon!

I was very interested to hear that CraftyCripple, Vanessa, and StephCat prefer notecards. Like Tekopp, I find postcards very versatile, easy to stick on the wall, or pop into a package without fiddling with envelopes. Not to mention cheaper to post! I can see the arguments for notecards though: they can be stood on a shelf, and they are more private. Either way, I love StephCat’s idea of using them in knitswaps. To this end, as Sarah suggested, the ‘nature’ cards will be grouped separately to the ‘knitting’ cards, and I will take care to make them “generic” enough to be useful for a variety of greetings.

Having said that, until I do some notecard-printing research, the first batch of cards in the shop will be postcards. I will try to get them up sometime next week. Thank you all once again for your comments!

27th March, 2009  // 5 O'Clock, Downloads, Home // tags: , , , , , , .

Postcards & Giveaway


Thank you very much for the sweet comments on the stockings!

I ordered some postcards soon after I wrote my last post, and I was amazed to find them in the postbox this morning! A few will be winging their way to Turkey, where I know my family will appreciate them for being my own photos, but I was wondering whether from a more objective point of view, you think these are professional enough to be sold in small packs. Maybe 5 for £5? I would like to sell packs with photos from each collection, mostly of knitting, with maybe some ‘nature’ shots thrown in; you can see a lot of them up on my Flickr Photostream.

Well, I have yet to win any, but giveaways seem to be all the rage in blogland recently. So if you chime in with your opinion in the comments, you will be entered into a giveaway when the website launches (very soon now!).

26th February, 2009  // Photographs // tags: , , , .

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