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3 Things to Enjoy in October

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3 things that go together: bonfires, The Bonfire Band, and Lapsang Suchong.

Autumn means bonfires! In addition to knitting, here are a couple of things you can enjoy while awaiting combustion:

1. The Bonfire Band is a delightful London-based band whose music makes me smile every time. This is one of my favourite songs of theirs, and one that I think captures their lighthearted ways. It’s called “Good Times” (in Londontown), and it’s a reworking of Bob Dylan’s “Hard Times in New York Town”. Give it a listen & download it on iTunes if you like it.

Good Times by The Bonfire Band

2. Lapsang Suchong, if you haven’t heard of it before, is a strange tea which has a distinctly “smoky” aroma, a result of its being dried over pinewood fires. Admittedly it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like the smell of bonfires, I strongly recommend you give it a try.

For best results, indulge in all three (& knitting) on the same day! :)

P.S. Thank you to Al & Mr. Jingles T.B. for making many of my slideshow photos possible!

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If I Was Bored

After the knitting needles & the yarn, the one staple of my knitting time is TEA. Turkish tea, English tea, herbal tea, horrible tea, over-stewed, under-brewed, too hot, too cold, in a cup, in a saucer, in a mug, in a glass. No milk, no sugar, thank you.

calm tea cup

I never watch TV, but I do sometimes watch films or Youtube videos if I’m knitting something easy like, say… a Minty? Otherwise I almost always either put on an audiobook, or tune in to BBC Radio4. In Our Time is one of my favourites, and now that they have such a generous archive on the web, I often listen to old episodes I missed. Here’s one on tea, for example!

I do occasionally read while knitting, if the knitting is simple & the book is obliging. At the moment I’m reading Aurora Floyd by Mary E. Braddon.

I usually knit on my own, but of course, I’m never lonely. ;) I mentioned that I recently started a knitting group & that’s been great fun. Even if none of my friends are around, I do sometimes take my knitting to a café, just for a change of scene. That’s one great thing about city-living.

I’m certainly not very ceremonious about knitting. I wake up, put the kettle on, sit down, and start. Especially if I’m excited about a project, this poses no problem. Throughout the day, the knitting is interspersed with a million other activities so that I never get bored (being a Gemini, this is essential): checking Ravelry, answering correspondence (usually tardily, oh dear! :( ), paying attention to my parents, writing, tinkering with the site, going to Ancient Greek class, messing about in Inkscape, writing up, charting, laying out, and proofreading patterns, taking photos, etc. etc.

I also love listening to music, and probably spend at least 30mins every day doing nothing else. (And having two consecutive blog posts with lyrics for titles is nothing to me!) I admire people who can write an essay while listening to rap. If I’m writing up a pattern and listening to anything with words, I will start writing the words. My favourite music commands all my attention. If you want a boost of energy or motivation for the new week, I recommend you turn off the lights, put in your earphones & listen to this:

Thanks for reading, dear knitters! I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts for Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2011. It’s been a great opportunity for me to reflect & to discover amazing new blogs. Thanks, Eskimimi, for organdising such a Great Online Event! Now I’m ready to start all over again!

Here’s a list of my week’s posts (or click here to read them all):

Monday: A Tale of Two Yarns
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Wednesday: Room for More
Thursday: The Lost Patterns File
Friday: The Lonely Knitter’s Companion
Saturday: Her Ribbons & Her Bows
Sunday: If I Was Bored

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