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Knit Neat – 5 Tips to Tidy Annoying Details

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I put this list together because I was amazed to find how many of the small knitty gritty details of knitting can be improved with simple tricks. I had come to accept that little holes here, and a bit of looseness there were in the nature of knitting, but knitting is a far more flexible art, and once you develop a familiarity with the way stitches work, you begin to realise that there must be solutions to neaten things up. TECHKnitting is such an amazing resource that I frequently go there looking for something and get lost in all the fascinating articles. So I thought I’d choose 5 of the articles I think have the widest range of application; that is, you are certain to need them in most of the projects you knit. I think if we all got into the habit of following these tricks, we could consider our knitting truly ‘professional’.
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24th April, 2009  // Technique // tags: , .

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