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Stitch Marker Knitting Patterns

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mini stitch marker patterns

Here’s another essential download for your Summer Knitting Survival Kit! Pop these in your Abacus Pouch along with your Shawl Shaping Cheat Sheet & you’ll be ready for any holiday emergency.

I’ve been considering turning my Twitter knitting patterns into a more useful format for a while now. My Moo minicards were my main inspiration, because they’re a good size to keep in a wallet/purse. But then I had an epiphany: how about making them into stitch markers so that they’re even more useful? If you’ve learnt anything about my style from this blog, surely it’s that I ♥ multi-functional designs. :)

mini knit bracelet pattern

The stitch marker is particularly handy for the shawl pattern which requires 1 stitch marker. It’s actually the same construction as the triangular shawl in the cheat sheet.

alternative tie?

  • I considered different shapes such as circles or teardrops; I thought they might get in the way less when knitting, but then if you wanted to keep them in your wallet, with other business cards, say, I think weird shapes would be a hassle. However, thanks to feedback from lovely Ravellers, the PDF now includes a version with rounded corners, which will hopefully stop any snags.
  • I experimented with orientation a little. I think I’m pretty much decided that this vertical format is best, even though it does break up the pattern quite a bit.
  • I tried incorporating the “tie” into the design, but I couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t disrupt the knitting. The version above might be OK when used at the end of a row, but not as a stitch marker, I fear. Also, it had to be reinforced with plastic. In the end, I think a bit of scrap yarn works best.
  • I thought about a little decoration, but couldn’t decide what, exactly. I think perhaps it’s in keeping with the sparseness of the format that it doesn’t have any extra flourishes.
  • I also dismissed the idea of a schematic / basic drawing of the FO, because part of the fun of the format is the mystery.
  • Similar to my knitting gift tags, these are thick enough when folded in half & stuck down. To make them more durable, you can also laminate them, or cover them in sticky plastic (the stuff you use to cover books).

mini knit bracelet pattern


If you don’t mind spoiling the surprise, here are some great knitwit projects:


I hope you’ve been enjoying the free patterns I’ve been posting lately. I’ve really been enjoying these simple summer projects. If you fancy something from my Ravelry Store though, today’s the day to get it’s my birthday & to celebrate, all Laylock patterns are 25% off, just for today! No code necessary, the discount will be added to your cart automatically.

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Free Pattern: Bow Pouch

bow pouch

Download on Ravelry
(in English & French)

A dainty little pattern for your leftovers. Making this is so quick and simple, that I don’t think even a beginner knitter could go wrong. I’ve included life-size schematics, so you can get away with only printing the second page. Then grab your yarn & needles & a tapestry needle and head to the park. Though these photos are rather autumnal, this is actually the first pattern for my summer collection. More on that later!

As I mentioned before, there are 3 different closures you can choose from: A fold-over & sew closure, a button flap closure, and a loop closure. The fold-over closure is the easiest, and doesn’t even require a button. The loop closure is also very simple, and I’ve included a tutorial on how to crochet the loop, so don’t fear the hook! :)

The pattern already has lots of Ravelry , and has been downloaded over 100 times. One knitter has even finished hers, out of Handmaiden sock yarn no less. See, it’s so pretty!

Here’s what I might put in mine:

  • Bobby pins
  • Keys
  • Stitch markers
  • iPod
  • Eraser & pencil lead
  • Tissue
  • A skipping stone
  • Almonds
  • A lump of sugar, in case I meet a horse
  • A piece of chalk for spontaneous graffitti
  • Plectra
  • IChing coins
  • Marbles
  • & all manner of other small thinglings that are always getting lost.

What will you keep in yours? Comment ‘cos I’m curious. :)

If you don’t fancy wearing it on your wrist, you can make one just to keep in your handbag / backpack / knitting bag, or even cooler, if your bag has a detachable strap, you can slide your pouch onto it!

Also, this is my favourite dress. I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I got it home & found out that it had POCKETS!



knitted bow pouch

bow pouch

Hellooo wonky garter stitch!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s lovely sock yarn creations. Hope you enjoy! :)


Many thanks to Nylwenn for the amazing work she did on the French translation! I have a feeling that if you knit La Bow Pouch in French, it will look more graceful, but I can’t be sure. :) Cliquez ici pour télécharger “La Bow Pouch”.

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Slightly Foxed

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slightly foxed summer 2009boat on cunda

It is still summer, isn’t it? So says the cover of my latest issue of Slightly Foxed, with which I’m finally united now that I’ve returned to a country where there is no vestige of summer. From the Aegean, where clouds were a great rarity, to England, where they are so thick you want to scrape them off the sky. But anyway, I love Slightly Foxed! It is one of the most delightful things that can fall through your letterbox (Graze boxes are high up on the list too). The cover of the Summer edition takes me back to the Turkish island of Cunda, where I took this photo of a boat called ‘Yasemin’ (which also happens to be my middle name). SF is always beautifully laid out on cream paper and boasts the sweetest illustrations; really it’s enough to bring out the bibliophile in any text-lover. It prints unpretentious reviews of forgotten or out-of-print books, and has been accused of harbouring nostalgia for early lit crit, and of being altogether unscholarly. Perhaps the best compliments I can imagine. If newspaper literary supplement reviews make you cringe and swear off reading comtemporary literature, this will be just your cup of tea (you can subscribe here if you like)! Nothing sends me searching on Abebooks quicker…

The first article in this issue is about Graeme Greene’s Stamboul Train which is now on my reading list, even though I spent 40 miserable minutes in Istanbul Atatürk Airport waiting in the customs & x-ray queues, hoping our next plane was delayed. It was. Then I spent nearly 4 hours thinking how I would rather have spent a week travelling by train than having to sit for even 5 minutes with a hideous aqua seat cover about 4 inches from my face. Honestly, I can see why some might prefer to stay at home reading their lovely Quarterlies instead.

summer blues

Another Aegean blue addition to my possessions now that I’m back in blighty is my new (old) iPod shuffle. The engraving is half a quote by Aristotle (it continues: “Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”), and is there to remind me that unless I blog more often I cannot be a blogger. Like paint chips, the shuffle makes a great bookmark (I don’t know why Apple don’t mention this on their website), and the combination of Foxed & shuffle (with a bit of knitting thrown in) is even more enjoyable when employed on my favourite train route – between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth.

2nd gen ipod shuffle

And despite the wise admonition of the most excellent Woolly Wormhead, I just couldn’t resist the urge to match (both my iPod & my Strat). The colour is Collection 2000’s ‘Show off’, in case you want to, you know, show off.

your nail polish must always match your ipod

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