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Knitting Vlog

Click here to watch on Youtube if you can’t see the video above.

I posted my first vlog yesterday! I have a lot to improve on, but I like the idea of doing a vlog every so often, do you? Also, sorry about the sound quality. I think it’s my Macbook fan. I should probably close some apps before filming videos. Oops!

Luxury Yarn Shawl
silk shawl

silk shawl

Dovetail Shawl
dovetail shawl

Mitre-Square Shawl
the shape of things to come...

  • If you’re interested in test knitting any of these shawls, comment below to let me know which. They’re all “as much yarn as you have” shawls, and gauge isn’t important. I’d quite like to see how they look in a variety of yarn weights, actually. I want to get the Mitre-Square Shawl out soonest, the other two aren’t such a hurry, as I obviously have some more designing to do for the ebook. :)
  • Also comment below or video response with your knitting speed (& whether you were knitting st st, ribbing, garter st, etc.)! I’m curious. :)
  • If you’re doing NaNoWriMo too, add me as a writing buddy. My username is: maiden & I’m already behind!
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The Sights & Sounds of Autumn Knitting

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Being without an internet connection wasn’t all bad, you know. I did an unusual amount of reading, splashed some watercolours around, managed to connect my Strat to my Macbook, and even ventured into a bank. Oh, and I made this trailer for the Cornflower Hat. It’s a bit better than my last attempt, I think, but hopefully not nearly as good as my next. :)

(click here if you can’t see the embedded video)

I think the work you put into your knitting will reward you richly, not just in the beauty of the final piece, but in more profound ways, just like the pretty spring blossoms bear fruit in autumn. That’s the story I tried to tell in this video. Also, of course, that a hat with a drawstring is an excellent place to keep your lunch, perhaps Paddington-style marmalade sandwiches?

You can also amuse yourself by spotting all 5 types of fruit in the trailer, and identifying the following quotations that were going through my head as I shot the clips:

  • “…sloeblack, slow, black…”
  • “…it is only flowers, they had no fruits…”
  • “nobody in the lane, and nothing, nothing but blackberries…”
  • “the pears are not viols…”
  • “hope is the thing with feathers…”
  • “when I am an old woman I shall wear purple” (I might start now!)

Many thanks to Granddad’s orchard, Grandma’s greenhouse, Dad’s camera, providential butterflies, birdsong and the D chord.

The pattern will be released this week, knitters! I hope you enjoy it…

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Her Woolly Materials

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Sometimes all I want to do is stay at home and play around with my new Macbook Pro. :) I’ve been thinking about making a little knitting pattern trailer for a while, and the new iLife proved to be the catalyst. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to shoot a proper trailer with an actual camera, and pretty models who bother to brush their hair. A location slightly more stimulating than my bedroom would also be most welcome. In the meantime, the video for Cherry Blossom Girl’s Etam collection is magnifique & very inspiring!

macbook pro

This is my first new computer in 5 years, so please excuse me while I am absent a little, delighting in the sudden brightness of my photos, the fulfilment of my HDM obsession (snow leopard!), and the smugness that comes from knowing that for a month or so at least, I am UP TO DATE!

3rd June, 2011  // Inspiration // tags: , , .
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