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Wordless Wednesday

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beeton shawl

beeton shawl

beeton shawl

beeton shawl

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” – Walt Whitman

Now I must return to my wordy NaNoWriMo novel with its journeymen, stars and of course, stitches.

P.S. The first three photos are available in large sizes on Flickr, if you’d like to use them as your desktop wallpaper.

16th November, 2011  // Photographs // tags: , , , .

British Blues

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Dear Lovely Knitters & Lovers of Lilacs,
I’m terribly sorry for having been away (still being away, alas). I’ve been without regular internet access for weeks & I’m therefore far behind on correspondence. Many apologies! I’ve been knitting & writing & travelling though, and I have lots to share with you, once my connection is re-established. I’ve also been experimenting with vlogs and book reviews, so look out for those!

Yesterday I went on a beautiful boat ride down the River Severn in Shrewsbury. We had tea and watched all the familiar buildings drift by (from a new angle), and waved back at all the landlopers. Seeing the riverside houses with their little personal jetties made me wish I lived by the river & could boat & not have to get entangled in all the road traffic. Didn’t Pepys use to commute by boat?

English Bridge - Shrewsbury
Severn River - Shrewsbury

blue ice cream

On Wednesday I rode my favourite train route to Aberystwyth & had ice cream & did the crossword on the prom. I love trains because they’re the only mode of transport (that I’ve so far discovered) that doesn’t make me motion-sick and on which I can read and knit as I please. Commuter trains aren’t very nice, but the old diesels that coast up and down the countryside are the best, for their views and their less-hurried passengers. The blue ice cream (bubblegum flavour) was quite disgusting, by the way, but the colour was very satisfying. The light in the UK makes colours look so much better than in Turkey. Even the contents of Grandma’s wheelbarrow look photogenic…


As do the blueberries I picked today…

blueberry picking
handful of blueberries
blueberry picking

Blue mosaic, blue gingham, blue skies, a blue bridge, blue ice cream, a blue-black barrow and blueberries. Bye for now! x

4th September, 2011  // Photographs, Travel // tags: , , , .

week ending

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pale spring portents…

grey sunday
forsooth forsythia
grey garter stitch

on this drizzly, cloudy sunday, I love:

* brave early blossoms
* mindless shawl knitting
* the perfection of grey & yellow
* james bond
* a spam comment that said: “Tiptop. :)”
* script frenzy with scrivener
* the quiet campus
* & you?

17th April, 2011  // Life // tags: , , .
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