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Are You a Twitter Knitter?

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If you follow Laylock on Twitter, you may already have seen that I’m holding KniTwit Wednesday every week. The idea is simple: I tweet knitting patterns that are less than 140 characters. You can then knit them, re-tweet them (just add ‘RT @laylock’ to the beginning of the pattern I tweet and people will know where you found it), or write your own succinct little patterns so I can re-tweet them. I’ve written a few of the patterns already and find it a great thinking & knitting challenge, so I strongly urge you to give it a go!

For convenience I’ll link to all the KniTwit Wednesday pattern tweets here:

  1. Knit Bracelet (Re-Tweet)
  2. Lace & Shell Scarf (Re-Tweet)
  3. Dishcloth (Re-Tweet)
  4. Shawl (Re-Tweet)
  5. Scrunchie (Crochet) by @DesignsbyKN (Re-Tweet)
  6. Pencilcase (Re-Tweet)
13th May, 2009  // Knitwear Design // tags: , .

Seeing Sense

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ryc silk cotton in bloom

I was appalled to read this morning about how Tesco ripped off one of Little Cotton Rabbit‘s adorable bunny egg cosies. I’ve admired Julie’s work from afar, and been delighted by her sweet creations, many of which she shares the patterns for, for free! For a corporate giant like Tesco to so blatantly copy her work is depressing, and I hope that this will be brought to the attention of the media. Update: Julie has taken the original post down, as it had attracted too much attention. Perhaps it would be a more meaningful silent protest for us knitters to knit one of her bunnies instead.

I’ve been meaning to participate in Abby’s Five Senses Friday for a while now, so here’s a little sensual insight into my day:
Smelling: Body Shop Tea Rose Perfume. Mmm. I’m not even sure what a tea rose is, but it certainly smells pretty. The (now sadly discontinued) Kidsilk Spray colour ‘tea rose’ is rather tempting too!
Hearing: J.J. Cale, ‘Money Talks’. Rockingest man around!
Tasting: Shiraz.
Seeing: John Seymour’s The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency on the table.
Touching: RYC Silk Cotton in ‘bloom’. Hmm, wonder what this will be? ;)

17th April, 2009  // Knitwear Design // tags: , , .

Cabling in the Country

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There are buds on the lilac.

lilac buds

Spring is nearly here. Snowdrops abound, several daffodils have opened their sunny selves, and I have seen hawthorn on the very brink of bloomage.

I am designing a pair of knee-length cabled stockings, which I am enjoying immensely. Cabling is always more fun than I remember. I’m considering naming these ‘Country Stockings’, as I think they will be perfect for wearing under skirts on country walks, or even as wellie socks, and besides they have a (pleasant) ‘peasant heel‘. I also thought of ‘Cottage Stockings’, but I think it’s time to move away from the ‘house’ theme a little. The yarn is Rowan Pure Wool DK; soft, lofty, superwash, and comes in a wonderful variety of colours! My boyfriend already has his eyes on them, but I have ribbon garters in mind, to trail in the wind.

I hope you make time to go for a nice, long walk this week.

cabled stockingscabled stockingswork in progress

25th February, 2009  // Houselock, Knitwear Design // tags: , , , , .
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