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Bun & Bow Loading

Simple armwarmers that roll up into a pretty hairstyle. With added bows!

Lilaceous Shawl Loading

Light, airy fairy counterpane shawl inspired by lilacs & spring.

Lavender Sachets Loading

Diminutive lacy sachets for lavender or knick-knacks.

Coze Vest Loading

2-piece beginner vest. Knit this up in a weekend!

Umbel Shawl Loading

Square shawl in an elegant Estonian lace stitch.

Beeton Shawl Loading

Chunky, modern counterpane shawl.

Rambler Legwarmers Loading

Two-way legwarmers with simple lace and ribbing.

Cornflower Hat Loading

Pretty, textured hat with a handy drawstring.

Abacus Pencilcase Loading

Keep count of your rows with this innovative knit pouch.

Earring Holder Loading

A simple lace swatch transformed into a jewellery or key holder.

Parasol Shawlette Loading

Asymmetrical shawlette in lace and rib.

Bow Pouch Loading

A chic little wristlet with a concealed pocket.

Parasol Stole Loading

Beautiful, asymmetrical stole for lace-weight or DK-weight yarn.

Mug Jumper Loading

Cover up your naked mug with a quick & easy cabled cosy.

Hottie Loading

A cabled hot water bottle cosy with a snuggling-pocket.

Sixes Cowl Loading

Simple, stocking stitch cowl knit with thick & thin yarn.

Chick Egg Cosies Loading

Which came first, the chicken or the egg cosy?

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