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Warm Wool Heart – Postcards for Knitters

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Warm Wool Heart Knitting Postcard Set

The first postcard set is now available for purchase! There are 5 postcards in the set entitled warm wool heart, and I’m so so pleased with them. There are small motifs that thread through the images and pull them together: hearts, curls, folds, snows & greys. I also think one could construct a timeline of the life of the knitted garment from these photos: the yarn in a foetal ball, the cast on, the ‘live’ stage, the finished fabric, and the leftovers. The more I look at the postcards, the most I realise how many memories I have attached to them, and… how wonderful all these memories are! This one winter of working on Laylock; all tentative beginnings, slow beginnings, false starts & restarts, Welsh snow, Turkish snow, the metre-deep, draughty windowsills of this small cottage, days alone with my camera, wrapped in shawls & wearing many skirts, crackly cricket on LW, birdsong. Honestly, I can’t say how they all sneaked in there…
Well, if you feel even a fraction of what I do about this set of postcards, I thought you might like to send them as gifts. To this end, there are instructions here, and here’s a peek at the envelopes, and one of the ‘wrappers’ that I designed. Thank you once more for all your support. :)

please do not bendfor you...

Speaking of packaging, I requisitioned my free Graze box to keep buttons & bits in. If you’re in the UK, I strongly recommend you give them a try. You can get a free box using this code: V2M17XB, and a selection of yummy healthy snacks will be delivered to you by Royal Mail, in a handy box that’s small enough to fit through your letter box. Just remember to cancel the next delivery if you don’t want to receive any more.

graze box: napkin!

2nd April, 2009  // Photographs // tags: , , , .

Postcards & Giveaway


Thank you very much for the sweet comments on the stockings!

I ordered some postcards soon after I wrote my last post, and I was amazed to find them in the postbox this morning! A few will be winging their way to Turkey, where I know my family will appreciate them for being my own photos, but I was wondering whether from a more objective point of view, you think these are professional enough to be sold in small packs. Maybe 5 for £5? I would like to sell packs with photos from each collection, mostly of knitting, with maybe some ‘nature’ shots thrown in; you can see a lot of them up on my Flickr Photostream.

Well, I have yet to win any, but giveaways seem to be all the rage in blogland recently. So if you chime in with your opinion in the comments, you will be entered into a giveaway when the website launches (very soon now!).

26th February, 2009  // Photographs // tags: , , , .
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