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Beaded Heart Garland

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Yes, hearts again! I made this heart garland nearly 8 years ago and it’s been hanging on my wall ever since (you can actually catch a glimpse of it in this post). I thought some of you might enjoy making it as a pre-Valentine’s Day weekend project. It’s so quick and easy!

pink beads & sequins

For my hearts I used about 32cm of wire (any wire will do, as long as it’s thin enough to thread the beads through, but sturdy enough to hold its shape), 30 pink beads and 30 sequins. For some reason I tied them together with pink string, but I think transparent nylon line would be better, or, to make them even prettier, some organza ribbon.

bead & sequin heart

They look lovely on the wall, but for best effect, hang them in the window and watch the facets of the beads catch the light!

bead & sequin heart

Things to Try

  • Tie the hearts together side-by-side.
  • String the hearts on a length of ribbon.
  • Make a garland with hearts that decrease in size.

❤ Derya.

9th February, 2013  // How To // tags: , , .

Ric Rac Rose Roundup

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ric rac rose

I’m absolutely in love with this simple technique for making dainty fabric roses, and as promised yesterday, I wanted to share links to my favourite tutorials, and a few tips along the way.

ric rac roses

Firstly, I came across 3 different ways to form these roses.

1. One length of rick-rack rolled up.
This technique is especially good for making rosebuds (like the ones in the photo above) and using up shorter lengths of ric rac. Here’s another blog with beautiful necklaces made in this way.

2. Two lengths of rick-rack twisted around each other and then rolled up. (here’s another tutorial)
This is the technique I used for my roses. The only difficulty is unwinding the twined ric rac which has a tendency to twist around itself.

3. One length of rick-rack folded in half and then rolled up.
This technique produces roses that look just as nice, but I’m not sure I’m adept enough with an iron to be able to press ric rac in half. Perhaps there’s a trick?

I had never realised how much fun ric rac is! So many sweet colours to choose from…

ric rac
ric rac
ric rac
ric rac


– I used 5mm ric rac, which makes dainty, relatively shallow roses. When I tried with 1cm ric rac, I found the rose was too tall.
– You can sew your rose if you like, but I think a hot glue gun is probably faster.
– Pretty hardware will make these roses even nicer as gifts.
– However, you can easily slide one onto a bobby pin for a pretty hair accessory, or a paperclip to make a bookmark.
– If you have hot glue strands on your rose, just hold a blow dryer over it and they’ll melt away.
– I made the purple rose with two shades of ric rac twined together, which produces a really nice effect.
– With furled petals I think the roses look rather like ranunculus (see my orange flower above).

ric rac rose
ric rac rose

I hope you enjoy making these flowers as much as I have! And don’t forget to finish your gift off with a printable gift tag

ric rac rose

15th March, 2012  // How To // tags: , , , .

Working a Faster Ribbing?

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Since I demonstrated my purling technique in Love Your Purls, I’ve had loads of knitters contact me to let me know how much it’s helped them get faster at purling, and actually stop hating the process!

I’ve also had a few people asking me to demonstrate how I would work a knit stitch in this way. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to change techniques between knitting and purling, so I shot this video a while back, to show you how I knit and purl. You might be able to tell I’m working the Parasol Shawlette, which will be released oh-so-soon.

Knitters who purchase the Parasol Stole before the release, will get a free copy of the Shawlette pattern. Otherwise, it will be priced as a separate pattern, although I may offer a discounted “bundle” for the Stole & Shawlette together. So if you’re interested in knitting either, it’s best to buy now! :)

12th April, 2011  // How To, Technique // tags: , .
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